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Three Foxes (A Camera Trap Post)

So here is a post based on what the blog is named after, a camera trap in Cornwall. I had a lot of chicken pieces left over from dinner and...

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Photo Experiments

The owl was back yet again and it was getting dark. I decided to try a long shutter on him to see the effect. It came out with a nice effect which I hope to perfect, or at least get better at. They are a little dark but a wider aperture should help and him being closer, which he does, too.

While walking I also tried zooming on a long shutter in the woods. The effect is quite striking and I hope to get better results on this too.

The last was macro and a narrow aperture to blur the background. This one needs a more interesting subject as the focus, maybe an insect. Unfortunately it is now getting cold and these are harder to find. Maybe when its warmer I can seek out some insect stars.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Three Foxes (A Camera Trap Post)

So here is a post based on what the blog is named after, a camera trap in Cornwall. I had a lot of chicken pieces left over from dinner and some rice so put a bigger meal than usual out. Since there was so much food I thought I would bring the camera out of retirement.  I'm glad I did as we had some foxes, three of them. I'm glad to say One-eye is still around and looking very healthy, infact she has a thicker tail than when I last seen her. 


The second fox to appear was a young small fox who has the same look about it as One-eye, except with 2 eyes, and maybe she is her cub?

And finally the return of the big fox Rommel, he is still nervous but very big.

In other news the barn owl has visited everyday this week between 6pm and 6:30pm. 

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Royal Tern

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Yellow Billed Kite

Another for the collection

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Dusk Owl

The barn owl was back again tonight. He was flying around the field in the twilight. We saw him catch a few items of prey before we lost him to the darkness. As it was so late it was difficult to get any photos. These are the best two of the evening. He was also quite far for the lens I had attached. I hope to see him more and hopefully capture more images too.

The barn owl at dusk

The barn owl again

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Feeder Cam

Today I tried a new idea which I have not seen anywhere else. It was a simple idea with a simple goal, to get a close up shot of a nuthatch. What I had noticed with the birds in my garden was that one of the feeders had a missing lid and the birds where using this to there advantage. They would climb into the feeder, take the food and leave. 
Me filling the feeder
      So what I did was take an old feeder, remove the top and bottom and attache it to my camera. I put my smallest lens in the feeder with a macro adapter to protect it and decrease the distance which the lens focused. I then attached the lens to my camera and placed it on the garden table. The camera was then attached to my mac in the house by a 5m usb cable. Using canons remote window software I was able to snap photos from a distance which did not disturb the birds.

great tit at feeder

    The only thing was that it took a fraction of a second from my pressing the trigger to the image being captured. The sound of this scared the birds so I had to anticipate the movements. These are a few of the good shots. I did manage a sort of nuthatch but not what I was hoping for. Maybe next time.

great tit at feeder

great tit at feeder
blue tit at feeder
And a shot of the nuthatch

Barn Owl (Cartoon)

With all this barn owl activity I thought it was only right to add a barn owl to my collection of bird images.  Here he is.

Friday, 14 October 2011

More Funny Birds

Here are three more funny bird pictures that I have made. I tried these in a different drawing style and personally prefer it. What do you think?

For all the images in one place click here


Thursday, 13 October 2011

More From The Barn Owls

Today while doing some course work on barn owls I looked out the window to see to my surprise a large bird siting on the washing line. It was a barn owl. I rushed upstairs to grab my camera and managed a few shots before it flew away. The first shot is a little overexposed as I just snapped on the last setting the camera was on. The last two are much better as I managed to change the settings in time.

The colour is odd as its the only way to see what the subject is

Shame the wing is just out

My favourite shot
Owls seem to be everywhere in my life now. 2 months with them in Portugal, my main year long coursework is on barn owls and now they are in the garden. What next?

Comical Birds

I have done some drawings on my computer taking names of African bird species and re-interpreting the names to give a visual representation of what they sound like. Here are the few I have done and I hope to do more as I think of them. Hope you like them and please let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions aswell.

Cape Weaver

Fish Eagle

Knysna Lourie

Rock Kestrel

The last is my personal favourite and i'm not too sure on the Knysna Lourie. 

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Bad Satnav

Last week I went to Wales as I reported on in my last post, (Here, There and Everywhere). I also promised to let you know about the road the satnav decided we should take. For some of the way we had nice roads and views of lakes, valleys and mountains.

A reservoir in the hills
After a while the satnav said "turn left" which was a steep muddy road but still tarmac so we took it. 

Mystic forest in clouds

The road went through a forest and the clouds came down. This gave a mystical feel to the trees. After a while we realised this was a loggers road. The road turned to mud and grass. At one point the car grounded. At another the grass caught fire beneath the car. We went through "puddles" that caused water to go above the bonnet. All this is fine for a 4x4 but we did it in a small Vauxhall corsa. We eventually made it to the other side and concrete and tarmac roads to carry on to the Kite feeding centre.  

Now any sensible people would choose a new way to go back home at the end of the day. Guess which route we took? Yep the loggers road. From this side we noticed a sign saying no unauthorised access. We went anyway. After a while the sun started to fade and the satnav gave up. We had to find our way out the old fashoned way. A map and a good sense of direction. The map was no use as it was not an official road so di not appear on it. We just had to go by what we could see in terms of hills trees and the location of the suns last light.  We eventually made it back to the start and choose the main road home.

Keep scrolling down for a short video of the road. 

The road and no trees

Here is the video, enjoy.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Here, There and Everywhere.

Well I am back after a week of travel. First of all I went back to Poole for the night at my aunty and uncles and paid a visit to Swanage. Here on an abandoned building was one of the most amazing pieces of art/graffiti I have seen. 

Amazing graffiti
 In the harbour I came across this juvenile gull with a massive meal. Some sort of head from a fish. He had the whole thing to himself despite other gulls being around.

This gull had a big meal

                                                                                                               Next stop was Guildford and London. I spent a day in the capital and saw in the imax cinema a film called "born to be wild". This is a film about orangutan orphans in Borneo and elephant orphans in Kenya with Daphne Sheldrick. The 3D was the most amazing I have seen and the elephants were cute. In the forest by Guildford I took some photos of fungi and spiders. It was a nice walk too in the late orange gold glow.                                                                 After here we headed to the forest of Dean for a few days in a log cabin in the trees. There are boars here but we unfortunately didn't see any. We did go on a nigh time walk using night vision units with a good and funny guide managing to see some fallow deer.  A place we visited was a bird of prey breeding centre which also has flying diplays. This was a great opportunity for some photography. Below is one of my favourites, a stellar's sea eagle. 

The sea eagle.

After the forest there was one more stop, Brecon and my return to the country of my birth for the first time in 4 years, Wales. We stayed in a little village in the mountains and valleys. The main reason to visit here was for the place known as Gigrin farm. More on that in a moment. 
On the way to the farm we allowed the satnav to guide us on the backroads. It took us on a loggers trail. I will do another post on this soon but lets just say it wasn't suitable for many 4x4's let along my friends Corsa. 

The good part of the road.

The highlight of the week was Gigrin farm. This to those who don't know is a redkite feeding station. Red kites used to be very low in numbers but lately have dramatically increased. We got to use the photographers hide so had great views. The sky was blackened by birds. I have never seen so many.

The blacked out sky
My favourite shot of the day.
For anyone who has not been I highly recommend it. The best thing is that these are wild birds free to come and go as they please. 

The final stop was Cardiff for the day and my train home. I have now visited all the capital cities in the U.K. Strange that the last one was Wales, the country I was born in. The whole week was great fun the only downside was the weather, it rained non stop once we left London only really stopping for the kites.