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Sunday, 24 October 2010

A Good Haul

As I said the camera was in a new place. We have had some bad weather here, lightning heavy rain hail and ice. Was worried about the camera so collected it today with some great results. We hid the camera a lot better this time as show below although this didn't fool one animal. We also got a new species and some daytime colour images.

 The hidden camera.
A new animal on the traps this time, a grey squirrel. 

The squirrel again in colour.

We got another fox who showed some interest in the camera.

He came close to it.

We also got a daytime shot of the fox showing his beautiful orange red coat.

A nice shot of the fox looking back.

This bottle gave the fox something to investigate.

The squirrel running across shot.

The bottle providing more interest

Under the bottle was a wasp nest and i think this fox found that out.
The wasps nest

We also got these deer passing .

As we were leaving we had a quick look for the deer at dusk. We saw a herd of 5 and followed them. We lost them but we did hear lots of deer calling. Maybe a rut?