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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Poor Foxes

After putting some food out for the foxes we got some good footage. Unfortunately the foxes are not healthy. We captured 2 individuals on film both with health problems. One as stated before has got mange. He also has a crocked tail. We saw him in the daytime and he also appears to have a limp. He is quite a small fox and looks young.
The other fox is older more healthy looking but has an eye missing or is blind in one eye. On the videos you can see only one eye reflecting which is why this is suggested. Good news is we saw one in the day that looked very healthy bright orange and no physical damage (maybe to an eye?).

The one eyed fox.
The mange fox with a limp and crocked tail.

The difference between the two can be clearly seen: the second fox has two reflective eyes, a limp, a crocked tail and is smaller. He doesn't have much luck.