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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Barney, In Colour! Also a Washing Patch

I put the camera out a little early last night as the last of the sun was disappearing. Barney showed up and here you can see his colouration. 

Barney in Colour!

Flash also appeared but later in the night. He looked a little startled and kept looking to the right somewhere. Nothing showed on the trap from coming over there. It may have been a car on the lane.

An alert Flash.

Patch returned and decided he needed a wash. I think he looks like a baby ratel (meles capenis). It may be my imagination running wild though. Anyone else think it looks like one? I'm determined to see one although I doubt I will here.

Baby ratel (or just Patch)

Patch wash.

Anyway just over a fortnight until my Portugal placement starts. Cant wait! I will try and update here if I can get internet access. Untill then stay tuned.