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Friday, 24 June 2011

London Calling

Last week after my exams I spent a few days in London, the countries capital. It was my first visit there. I found a South African shop with droewors and fanta grape! My favourite building was, no surprises here, South Africa House. The building looks over Trafalgar Square and has kudu and buffalo stone carvings all over it. I didn't take any photos in the city but did take my camera to Howletts zoo. The zoo has my favourite animal there, the ratel (or honey badger). Here are some of the many photos I took.

Bush Pigletts

Honey badger running

long expose of running ratel

Silverback lowland gorilla

2 Lynx

Calling lynx

Ratel again

snow leopard

Wild dogs/painted wolf

Gelada Monkey

Black rhino

Another honey badger shot

last ratel

I like honey badgers!

In conclusion I like honey badgers but would rather see them in the wild (in South Africa). Also I couldn't live in a city, too many people, too much concrete, too grey, too nosiy, no animals. It was nice too see though.