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So here is a post based on what the blog is named after, a camera trap in Cornwall. I had a lot of chicken pieces left over from dinner and...

Friday, 16 September 2011

Update and 3D Images Without the Glasses

I realise there has not been any camera trap updates for a while. Rest assured the camera is in a brand new location, an area I suspect one of our foxes may live. I will collect the camera tomorrow weather permitting. I aimed to put it next to the river but due to all the rain I cannot cross it and don't fancy leaving it near the water especially as more rain is forecast. In the meantime to entertain you here are some images that I found really amazing. They are 3D without the glasses and work pretty well except they may give you a headache after a while. These came from another site with many more (link). Theses are my favourites. 


Mussels and rocks, I like this one

A country lane.  I think this one works best