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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Feeder Cam

Today I tried a new idea which I have not seen anywhere else. It was a simple idea with a simple goal, to get a close up shot of a nuthatch. What I had noticed with the birds in my garden was that one of the feeders had a missing lid and the birds where using this to there advantage. They would climb into the feeder, take the food and leave. 
Me filling the feeder
      So what I did was take an old feeder, remove the top and bottom and attache it to my camera. I put my smallest lens in the feeder with a macro adapter to protect it and decrease the distance which the lens focused. I then attached the lens to my camera and placed it on the garden table. The camera was then attached to my mac in the house by a 5m usb cable. Using canons remote window software I was able to snap photos from a distance which did not disturb the birds.

great tit at feeder

    The only thing was that it took a fraction of a second from my pressing the trigger to the image being captured. The sound of this scared the birds so I had to anticipate the movements. These are a few of the good shots. I did manage a sort of nuthatch but not what I was hoping for. Maybe next time.

great tit at feeder

great tit at feeder
blue tit at feeder
And a shot of the nuthatch