Here, There and Everywhere.

Well I am back after a week of travel. First of all I went back to Poole for the night at my aunty and uncles and paid a visit to Swanage. Here on an abandoned building was one of the most amazing pieces of art/graffiti I have seen. 

Amazing graffiti
 In the harbour I came across this juvenile gull with a massive meal. Some sort of head from a fish. He had the whole thing to himself despite other gulls being around.

This gull had a big meal

                                                                                                               Next stop was Guildford and London. I spent a day in the capital and saw in the imax cinema a film called "born to be wild". This is a film about orangutan orphans in Borneo and elephant orphans in Kenya with Daphne Sheldrick. The 3D was the most amazing I have seen and the elephants were cute. In the forest by Guildford I took some photos of fungi and spiders. It was a nice walk too in the late orange gold glow.                                                                 After here we headed to the forest of Dean for a few days in a log cabin in the trees. There are boars here but we unfortunately didn't see any. We did go on a nigh time walk using night vision units with a good and funny guide managing to see some fallow deer.  A place we visited was a bird of prey breeding centre which also has flying diplays. This was a great opportunity for some photography. Below is one of my favourites, a stellar's sea eagle. 

The sea eagle.

After the forest there was one more stop, Brecon and my return to the country of my birth for the first time in 4 years, Wales. We stayed in a little village in the mountains and valleys. The main reason to visit here was for the place known as Gigrin farm. More on that in a moment. 
On the way to the farm we allowed the satnav to guide us on the backroads. It took us on a loggers trail. I will do another post on this soon but lets just say it wasn't suitable for many 4x4's let along my friends Corsa. 

The good part of the road.

The highlight of the week was Gigrin farm. This to those who don't know is a redkite feeding station. Red kites used to be very low in numbers but lately have dramatically increased. We got to use the photographers hide so had great views. The sky was blackened by birds. I have never seen so many.

The blacked out sky
My favourite shot of the day.
For anyone who has not been I highly recommend it. The best thing is that these are wild birds free to come and go as they please. 

The final stop was Cardiff for the day and my train home. I have now visited all the capital cities in the U.K. Strange that the last one was Wales, the country I was born in. The whole week was great fun the only downside was the weather, it rained non stop once we left London only really stopping for the kites.