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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Cookworthy Forest

Yesterday my aunty and uncle came to visit for the weekend so as the weather was nice we went for a walk to Cookworthy Forest in Devon. I had always wanted to go as the main road we take to get out of the West Country cuts through the forest. When we arrived I recognised the car park and woodland immediately which means I have been here before but don't remember when. 

Wind damage
I didn't take too many photos as there was not much around. The bad weather had however blow over many of the large trees and pulled up the roots leaving craters in the forest. These had filled up with all the rain we have had recently to create mini water holes. There was a lot of little flies in these.

Up turned tree and pool
We also saw a little bird and couldn't decide what it was. We narrowed it to a bunting of some sort but not the exact species. After placing the image on birdforum (link) it was found to be a female reed bunting

The bunting

Back home at sunset two sparrow hawks settled in the trees across the field. By the time I got the camera out one had flown off. The other left a silhouette in the trees.

Sparrow hawk in a tree