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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Dorset Again

Yep I was in Dorset again, and the weather wasn't great. In fact it gave me a chest infection. While fossil hunting at Kimmeridge we didn't let the weather put us off. We were drencehed. We did however find some amazing fossils, pictures soon.

We also visited a place called Arne, an RSPB center. Here there is a large number of sika deer, a species I have never seen. I was worried that we would not see any. I need not have worried, they where everywhere. One was even on the path and walked right up to me. Here I saw many new species, Sika deer, wood ants, a green woodpecker and a special bird the Dartford warbler, incredibly rare. 

Sika behind a tree

Young Sika

We also went to Radipole lake, another RSPB centre, famous for bearded tits. Incorrectly named as they only have a moustache and what I didn't know they are the only member in Europe of the babbler family. We didn't see any but did see a marsh Harrier.

Marsh harrier being mobbed

Little egret long flight exposure

We also fed the foxes in Poole and they came really close. I managed a few good shots. Then the fireworks came and they scarpered.

A beautiful red fox
Well that is all. I doubt there will be anymore updates for a while as I am stuck in the house with this chest infection. Anyway for anyone in the U.K frozen planet, on wednesdays and repeated sundays at 4pm, is an amazing program, I recommend you watch it. Its a David Attenborough one too which adds to the value.