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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

One-eyes Chicken Meal

After not seeing her for a while she is back. One-eye is looking healthy and building up some fat for the winter. Here she is taking a big piece of chicken carcass. Hopefully she will put on enough for the winter and make it to spring. Tonight she is going to have sausages as there is one left from last nights meal, and anything I don't eat tonight.

After eating the big chicken pieces she needed, like most people do, a sit down.

We also are seeing a lot more of Rommel. He was back again if only briefly. Hopefully he will become more of a regular with One-eye. 

He is not so nervous now which is good as we get a good view and he gets a good chance of a free meal. Notice how bright his eyes reflect compared to One-eye. It looks like he has torches as eyes.