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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Standing on Top of the World

Today I climbed the highest point in all of Cornwall, Brown Willy. I had previously climbed Rough Tor mistaking that for Brown Willy but on reaching the summit saw Brown Willy across the valley. With time running out I decided to leave it for another day. Today was the day. The peak is 420m (1378ft) high and has great views on Bodmin moor. 

A cairn at the peak
Scattered on the moor land around the two peaks are many of the wild horses of Bodmin. They where in the distance so no photos but it was nice to walk with them around. The slopes in places where muddy from the recent rains which made some parts difficult but mot impossible.

View over Bodmin moor
From the peak all you can see in most directions is natural, no roads or buildings in sight. A rare occurrence in England. Granted in one direction is Camelford and Bude but thats about it. Last time from the first peak the sea was clearly visible but today the visibility was not as great unfortunately. Hopefully on the next visit it will be clear enough to see out to sea.

Rough Tor from Brown Willy
At the peak I tried a new app on my iphone that makes 360 panoramas. Below is one of those views. The weather turned cold at the top and went overcast before we headed home.

View from Brown Willy