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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Tiny's Return

Well as I said in my last post we have a new fox, Tiny: Thick Brush. I also said I had some chicken left for him. I think its a him as of the shape of the head, its more square than One-eyes is. Anyway I left the chicken out for the group in the hope of catching another glimpse of the new member. During the night we had very heavy rain and strong winds which made me wonder if anyone would brave the conditions.

As you can see Tiny was the only one brave enough, or hungry enough, to go in search of some lunch. He didn't stay too long just around a minute. He seems to be a little wary of the camera at the moment, but then a again so was One-eye and now she takes no notice of it. Speaking of which we haven't seen her for a while and hope she is ok.

Hopefully he will get used to the camera and learn that there is a safe feeding station here for him. So far its promising, two nights in a row. Lets hope he sticks around.