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Monday, 26 December 2011

All Ears

Last night after a big christmas dinner there was the chicken carcass and a few other left overs promising to be a feast for the foxes (or rabbits as my aunty cant stop calling them for some reason). Hoping to get lots of visitors I fully charged the cameras batteries and put the camera out early.  When I went to collect the camera all the food had gone and I was looking forward to seeing who had been for christmas dinner.

The first shot was a great disappointment, it was the camera falling over. It landed facing at an odd angle.  The only shot that was captured was of a foxes ears and eyes. Looking at it it probably is Tiny, as he has both eyes so is not No-eyes or One-eye, and he is smaller than Rommel. 

I think Barney the cat annoyed that he didnt get a present off us and decided to push the camera over.

Anyway today is Boxing Day and that means another big meal. I hope the camera stays in place tonight and the foxes come for tea.