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Friday, 2 December 2011

Another New Face

So we have a new fox, Tiny, and last night he came back briefly for some chicken. He is still a wary little fox but he is starting to make a regular appearance which is good.

Last night, well this morning, just before dawn looking at the timestamp and the fact that the trees are faintly outlined against the brightening sky, a new fox appeared. Now i thought Tiny wasn't that small in a previous post and my mother did. After seeing this new guy I stand corrected, Tiny appears as if he is a cub next to this guy.

I thought it was a dog at first glance but quickly realised it was a monster of a fox. He stands level with the camera and took a good share of the chicken. The next video shows the heat rising from his back.

Now on to naming this guy. While looking through the videos i though of long the lines Goliath or something similar. But then He raised his head and showed of a very distinctive feature. Take a look at what it is then guess what I named him. A hint is its a similar name to another of the foxes here.

As you may have noticed both his eyes are missing, but it is hard to tell so take a look at the first video again and see that the eyes don't reflect.. So in keeping with the fox with one eyes name of One-eye this new guy is called No-eyes. He does have eyes but no tapetum lucidum and calling him No-tapetum lucidum is a bit of a mouthful. How he has survived so long in such a good condition and to  such a size I don't know but lets hope he lives for some time yet. He doesn't seem to be suffering either with a good healthy coat. As he left he turned side on allowing his full immense size to be seen.

So two new foxes on the camera to keep watching and getting to know. Lets hope they stick around.