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Friday, 16 December 2011

An evening with Simon King

For the last few days I have once again been to Poole in Dorset. I took my camera and didn't take any photos due to the terrible weather. The main reason for going however was to see a talk by wildlife presenter and cameraman Simon King. I really like his work as does my Aunty so she and my uncle bought them-self, my mother and I tickets to go see him. This was by far the best talk I have been too. He was very funny, had lots of great tales and informative. He didn't hide how he felt on some issues such as the badger cull which annoyed some old grumpy farmers. He also gave me some ideas for future photography projects so stay tuned for some more unique angles and ideas here. After the talk he was kind enough to stick around and we had a talk to him getting his signature and a photo with him.

Me and Simon King

While away after taking with my family we have decided we want to set up a birding tour company in South Africa. If anyone has any resources, requirements, tips or information on this it would be much appreciated. Over the Christmas holidays my goal is to find out what is required and how feasible it is so stay tuned for future developments.