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Friday, 23 December 2011

Fat for Tiny

Last night we had a really nice ham, one of the best I have tasted, for tea. With a ham there is always a lot of fat left over and you know who likes fat. Thats right, Tiny, just like the steak. He is less nervous now although he did have a bit of a jump to start with disappearing for a while. 

Once he had recovered his wits he decided to return, a good meal being to much to pass up. When he returned he gave us a good view of his tail. Nice and bushy and also in a similar shape to old One-eyes tail. This is what previously led me to think he is her son. 

He stayed for a good while eating his fair share before disappearing into the night. 

But as always a good meal is too good to lave and once he had let the first course go down returned for his seconds a few hours later. He was in such a rush to get back that he came bounding out of the grass to wolf his meal down.