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Saturday, 3 December 2011

How No-eyes Survives, (Theory)

In my last post I wondered how No-eyes, the fox, had lasted so long as he is so large and looking healthy. He has no tapetum lucidum, the reflective layer that greatly aids with night vision in mammals. Us humans are also lacking in this layer. If you shine a torch in an animals eyes at night you can see this layer reflect back at you. Aim at a human however and we don't have this effect. 
Now back to No-eyes, he looks healthy but lacks this layer. Looking at the videos more closely you can see he does however have eyes. This makes his night vision like ours, and presumably his day vision is now similar having lost this layer. 
If you watch the videos of him feeding the trees at the bottom of the field are just visible against the sky. This indicates that it is no longer pitch black and starting to become dawn. I think that he must bee a daytime or crepuscular hunter. Crepuscular being dawn and dusk. When I first moved here I would often see a large fox sitting in one of the fields nearby. 
So he appears to be adapting to suit his condition. I hope he stays healthy and is able to avoid the horrible new years day hunt that takes place (illegally) around here. 

Here is the video again so you can see for yourself.