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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Out of Sync

Today I paid a visit to the bude marshes, a usual hotbed of bird activity this time of year. It all stated quite well with a tiny goldcrest appearing in a tree just inches from where I was standing. However going to the main lake the views where not so good, just a few small teal flocks, about 5-6 lapwing, and a small flock of widgeon. Usually the lake is filed with these species. We carried on around the marshes and saw a small flock of lapwing and oystercatcher.

The main marshland however was deserted, not a single bird on it, well one buzzard and 2 magpies. Usually there are so many migrant birds here that wherever you place your binoculars you are pretty much guaranteed to see a few birds. But nothing today.

Another oddity was fresh new shoots appearing within the marshes.

By now at this time of year redwings are everywhere but as yet I have yet to see a single one.

Nature seems to be a bit out of sync down here at the bottom of the country. What the rest of the U.K is like I don't know.

It will be interesting to see what the coming weeks and months bring our way.

Sorry for the lack of pictures but there was nothing to snap.