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Friday, 9 December 2011

Tiny Like's Steak

So Tiny likes steak. Last night I had a nice big steak for tea and this had a slice of fat on it which I don't like. I put this out along with some left over chicken to see who or what would appear would appear. I put the camera out, this time with a memory card in and retreated to a the nice warm house for the night. THe weather is not nice at the moment here and has been bad for a while so was not expecting much. However when I collected the camera I found over 130 videos of Tiny, not bad considering up until now his record is 6 videos in a night.

It appears the food we have been putting down must not of been his preferred food but steak it seems is his favourite. He stayed for 3 seperate half hour stints through the night with around 2 hours gap between each visit so he must have another food source somewhere. 

At one point he looked up at the night sky as if star gazing.  It made a nice shot, maybe he was looking at the moon which is close to full now.

He got so confident, a sudden change since his last visit, that he had a sit down and yawn and even took a lie down for a while too.

Although you can't see it in any of these videos he did take a lot of food. At one point he was collecting it and placing it all in a pile a little further away. I didn't add any as you would need to see a few and it would be boring compared to these other films. I hope he stays around. He is a nice healthy looking fox with 2 eyes and no problems yet. He looks like he may be quite a good character with a unique personality.