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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Climbing in the Cloud

On Monday after my lecture I decided to climb up Rough Tor, Cornwall's second highest point. It is on my way home from Uni so I am going to aim to climb it once a week. This week Was a bit overcast but with good visibility. You can see this in the photo. I look a little grumpy but am trying to concentrate on taking my own photo.

Before the cloud (peak in the background)

As I neared the top I took in the view and to my horror I couldn't see too far. A big raincloud was rapidly aproaching. It was coming with some speed and it wasn't long before the bottom of the hill was gone. 

Wheres the base gone?

I picked up the pace and decided to head for a cave I had found last time I was here. I got to the cave just as the rain hit. I had brought some lunch and a flask of tea so sat in the cave to let the weather pass. Only it didn't.

Peak after rain hit

The heavy rain did pass but not the cloud and light rain. Sitting in my cave I set my phone to capture a time lapse of the weather. After 20 minutes waiting I decided it wasn't going to clear so packed up my lunch bag and headed down hill. 

It was a little disorientating to start with so I headed to the neck between the two peaks at Rough Tor. From here I followed the slope in a straight line downhill until I reached the lower footpaths. I followed these and got back to the car a bit wet but safe.

Before rain                                                    After rain