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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Feed the Birds

With the camera not in operation I thought I would show you the feeding station we have for our daytime visitors. You have seen a lot of the night time regulars but little of the day ones. In the garden is a feeding station with multiple feeders and a water bowl.

Feeding station

We usually feed them peanuts but recently also purchased a seed feeder which has become a hit. Yesterday to attract even more a niger seed feeder and food was bought. Each seed attracts its own species. The peanuts are the most popular attracting blue and great tits, long tailed tits coal and marsh tits, house sparrows, greater spotted woodpecker, nuthatch and sometime magpies, starlings and squirrels. The seed feeder attracts chaffinches and bullfinches, robins, hedge sparrows starlings and the tits.

Left to right: peanut feeders and peanuts, niger feeder and niger seed, seed feeder and seed.

 The new niger seed is a favourite of goldfinches. Non have been yet but hopefully they will come. The ground feeders such as blackbirds hedge sparrow and robin feed off any food that falls to the floor and fruit we put out. This activity at times also attracts a sparrowhawk who appears so unexpected that I have yet to get a photo of him. By far the most unusual bird has got to be a water rail who is such a secretive water bird that it was a bit of a surprise for one to turn up here in the open.

As soon as the feeders are up the birds appear. Here 3 blue tits.

Of course we also have the barn owl at times and all our night visitors.

*(Picture quality is not too good on this post as all images where shot by my phone)