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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Poole Foxes

As promised in my last post this one is about the Poole foxes. A quick note first off about my camera trap. I may have a fault with it as last night it captured over 800 videos. It did this in South Africa last month and I put this down to the heat. Here it may be the wind. I am charging the batteries and am going to test the camera inside where there is no wind. I will filter through the 800 and post anything I find here. Now onto the foxes.

1 fox, 2 camera flashes

We had a lot of food saved up for the foxes (or rabbits as my aunty calls them even though she knows full well what they are). We took the food down to a spot where we know they congregate. The foxes where everywhere. 

Long exposure of a running fox

It was a cold night and the foxes seemed glad of the extra meal. They came at first shyly and in small numbers. After a while many came and they got used to our presence in the car. They even became used to the flash.

A friendly healthy fox

A fox so relaxed it even took a lie down

Its breeding season for the foxes here now. We could hear them running after each other in the trees and barking. It was nice to see so many and in good condition especially compared to all our unhealthy cornish foxes.


Since there where so many I experimented with the camera settings. I got some nice shots I think. In the end my fingers where like ice and I couldn't feel them. I could have stayed all night with the amount of foxes but everyone in the car was cold too so we called it a night.

Experimenting with the settings.

Anyway I will see what I can do to the camera trap and let you know what happens.