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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Videos From the Cape

My Aunty and Uncle have just got back from a visit to South Africa. They took with them my camera trap and set it up in the garden to see if they have any nocturnal visitors like we do here in Cornwall. Well they captured some thing.

Last week we went to Poole to see them. They gave me my camera trap (as well as 12 cans of fanta grape and some biltong!) and i sat down to check the videos. Surprisingly the memory card was full. But there was a problem. The cameras sensitivity was too high and as mine works on heat as well as movement the hot concrete set the camera off until the card was full. Nether the less I checked through nearly 900 videos. Below is the first video captured by my camera trap in South Africa.

It is unfortunately a moth and nothing more but a start. 

Other than the moth we did have 2 more visitors. A swarm of flies and a cat. 

The cat looks like the cat who we sometimes see here in Cornwall named Barney. This one then we have christened Langebaarney. The camera was set up in the west coast town of Langebaan incase you wondered where the name came from. 

This next film shows an odd swarm of flies. It is not a dust storm or rain as I first thought. You can see at times the individuals and also the swarm at times stays still, rises and also changes direction. The ground also showed no signs of sand or rain.  Its an odd one.

That is all that was captured unfortuanelty. However in a few months I am off to South Africa for 6 months and will take the camera with me. Stay tuned for that. While in Poole I also got some nice photos of the foxes. More of that in the next post.