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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Cape Points Camera Traps and Ratels

I have not updated for a while as I have an assignment due Friday and most of my time has been spent on completing this with time to check it over. I will start with more updates soon especially when I get my new camera trap.

In the mean time I have seen news about camera trapping, South Africa and ratels (honey badgers), three of my favourite subjects. Table mountain national parks Cape of good hope section has purchased 5 new camera traps to monitor the parks wildlife and also human disturbance. It is hoped that poachers will be identified by these traps. Good if it works.

Another use is by an unnamed conservation student carrying out research with the traps in some way and looking to hopefully reintroduce the ratel here. That is all good news for me especially as it will be in the Western Cape. The full media release can be seen here: http://www.sanparks.org/about/news/default.php?id=1840

A ratel, in a zoo unfortunately but hopefully soon I can add a wild one on here.