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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Spring has Sprung

First off in a previous post (here) I mentioned about collecting teasel for a classic goldfinch shot. Well the other day I was sitting inside and one started to feed on one which I had filled with nyger seed. I only had my medium lens handy and it was through a window but I got a shot of one on the teasel. Soon I hope to get a clear shot with my long lens.

Goldfinch on teasel
 Back to today now and spring has arrived all in one day. I woke up to a hot sunny day and had breakfast in the garden. While out here I heard the first chiffchaff of the year calling away. The buzzards where also active circling close overhead.

Buzzard overhead

As such a nice day has been rare this year we made the most of it and took a long walk down the country lanes then the canal followed by the beach and more lanes. Lots of signs of spring where around and other species which do not signify spring, they are year long residents, where around.

Pied Wagtail on the weir.
 On reaching the beach we stopped for a lunch of sandwiches and fruit. In one of the dried up rock pools was a starfish. He was drying up so I moved him into a bigger water filled pool. After a few minutes in the water he uncurled and stared to move around.

Starfish in the water
 Further along near the tall sea cliffs we saw for me the real introduction to spring, the return of the martins and swallows. Today I saw a few house martins flying around after the long flight form the African Continent. Soon there will be lots of these little birds as well as sand martin, swallows and swifts.

The first martin of the year
There where also a lot of butterfly species out today and ladybirds. The butterfly species we saw where painted lady, cabbage white, tortoise shell and the one below, a peacock.

You can see why it called a peacock from its large "eyes" on its back. These are not eyes but just a coloration much similar to a peacocks in design but the purpose is different. A peacocks eyes are for displaying to a mate while the butterfly uses them to scare off birds who think they are the eyes of a larger creature.

Peacock butterfly
So spring is here and hopefully the weather will stay nice for a little while more.