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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Stoat-aly Awesome

All week we have had fog which has been good and bad. Good that I have been kept indoors working on my assignment. Bad that I have been kept indoors and cant see further than the bird feeders. Yesterday the fog cleared and the sun came out although today the fog is back in force. 

We decided to make the most of the sun and headed to Duckpool beach and forest. In the forest we heard lots of buzzards and even saw a lovely yellow coloured bird, the grey wagtail. You could easily think that this was the yellow wagtail from its coloration. When you see a yellow wagtail you realise that it is completely yellow while the grey is only half yellow.

Grey Wagtail
 After coming home for lunch in the garden and getting the summer table and chairs out we watched the goldfinch and other little birds. we thought it would be nice to find some dried teasels and fill them with niger seed. This will hopefully produce the classic image of a goldfinch on a teasel.

We walked down the canal where we thought they may be and found some. On returning home I saw what I though was a rat under a bench but as we approached we saw it was a friendly stoat. 

Peeping over the edge

He wasn't bothered by our presence and was scurrying around while we sat on the bench. He only hid when someone walked past with a dog.

He was really small, the smallest stoat I have seen yet. Its surprising that such a little animal hunts rabbits.  In scale it would be like a border collie taking on an elephant.

under the bench

I decided to film him a little too and you can see how close he came to us.

It was nice to see him and hopefully we will see him again.