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Saturday, 28 April 2012

A Bustle in the Hedgerow

Yesterday my cameratrap came from China after a 2 month wait. I was really excited and put the camera out last night to see who was still around. I was really disappointed when I got the camera in this morning to see that the camera had been triggered constantly. The same problem as it had when it was sent back. I tried the camera indoors hoping it was the wind false triggering it. The same problem occurred inside. I tried different batteries, nothing, different SD card, nothing. I suspect the camera I got back was my old one as the serial is the same. I would not recommend this product which is a keep guard.  

Anyway here are some images I captured with my SLR in the garden today. We have 2 families of robins in the garden and this was bound to lead to trouble. Today it did . One robin attacked another and an almighty scuffle ensued. They really went at each other. In the end they both survived and flew off. 

Peck to the face

Looks like he is about to slap him.

Flying kick
This looks to me like a rugby tackle.

Anyway don't buy a keep-guard camera. i am looking at other options now so will hopefully again be back camera-trapping soon.