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Friday, 13 April 2012

Monkey World and Blashford Lake: Not An Expensive day

In my last post I complained about Brownsea island and the constant fees we needed to pay. Today comes the praise for monkey world. Unfortunately I didnt take my camera here so no photos of the monkeys and apes. There will be image of birds though.

The value for money: Monkey world. (link)

Monkey world for those of you who have not heard of it, it is a sanctuary carrying out work much like the born free foundation. The centre takes in mistreated monkeys and apes for circuses, zoos, pets, research labs and pretty much anywhere they are mistreated. All money donated goes straight to the monkeys and apes.

The primates are integrated into one of the many groups at the ceter. They are tried with a range of groups until they settle in with one. It is good to see that these poor primates can have a good life after being treated so badly.

Its very good value for money, just £11, less than most zoo's and the work done there is important. I would definitely recommend a visit.

The rest of the weekend: Blashford Lake: (link)

We also visited Blashford Lakes as we had heard of an osprey sighting there. We unfortunately did not see it but did see a range of water birds including an Egyptian goose. We didnt stay long due to the poor weather. There where lots of walks so hopefully I will go back and see some more.

Tufted Duck

Egyptian Goose