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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Cameratrap: Back in Action

After the problems I had with the keepguard camera I ended up going for the more well know make, the bushnell. This arrived yesterday and after testing it out last night I am pleased with it. I am also pleased to see we still have our nocturnal visitors around. 

I set the camera up while it was still light as I was excited to use it. I captured a few shots of the magpies feeding before they returned to roost. A nice feature on this camera that my old one didn't have is a microphone. On the first video you can hear the dusk chorus in the background. 

This next video is of one of the most regular nigh time visitor species, a red fox. I can't identify him as one of the old regulars, partly because I haven't seen them for a while and also as this one has no distinguishing features. He is a bit shy and nervous so he didn't stay around too long.

Our final visitor was the badger. I hope this is Flash although I didn't get a good enough view to confirm this. hopefully over the next few nights he will return to confirm or disprove this. With the badger you can hear him snuffling around looking for something good to eat. I like this new feature and cant wait to see what else is captured to listen to.

So its back to camera trapping for the next 2 months. Come July the camera and me will be in South Africa capturing some different wildlife footage.