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Monday, 21 May 2012

Honey for the Badger

I have been too Poole and London last week so there where no posts. Today here are some videos captured from before I went away but had not uploaded.

The food we put out was what was left in the fridge before going away covered in honey. The foxes, Othereye and one now named Diamond Socks due to the diamond markings on his feet, enjoyed the hone and by the looks of it so did Flash the badger.

In the next clip if you look in the background you can see Diamond Socks lingering. There where other videos of the two feeding but I decided not to upload as they take a long time to upload. Flash seems to be struggling with the honey sticking to her.

And finally Barney raising her hair as Diamond Socks takes some food from in front of her.

In other news I finished my BSc Zoology degree today. I now just have to wait until August for the results but I feel positive.