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Friday, 4 May 2012

They Keep On Coming

The camera was back out again this time on my preferred mode of video (with audio). No badger last night unfortunately but there where two foxes, the same shy one from the other night and a big gut maybe Rommel or Boxer. As I said in my last post the characters should start to emerge and identification of individuals will be possible. So for the next month and a half fox watch is back on and hopefully some old faces will show up.

The last video is of a magpie at first light. You can hear the dawn chorus in full flow. Compared to the video from the other day (link) which had the dusk chorus you can see how loud and varied the dawn calls are.

Still nervous.

The big guy.

Listen to the dawn chorus, I can id, robin, blackbird, chiffchaff and great tit on there as well as many others I don't know.