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Sunday, 13 May 2012

An Old Face: Back in a Flash

After the disappointment f next doors garden from my last post I decided to return the camera to its normal location at the end of the garden. This time I was not disappointed. There was plenty of activity out there last night. A new fox as well as an old face turned up. This post is on the old face, Flash the badger.

For those who don't know Flash is a badger with a white stripe above his (or her as you will see) left eye. You can read more on Flash here to catch up (link).

This first video is of her running up to the garden. You can see she is steaming, as always. She probably crosses the river to get to here each night. It seems an excessive amount of steam to be coming off her. If anyone else has badgers do they see this steam? It is on her all the time.

The previous video shows it is her by the small white stripe over her left eye. I don't know if by uploading the video the quality has been reduced or not. Trust me though if you cannot see it, it is there.

She enjoyed the treat of bread and honey (a honey badger!) and you can hear her sniffing around the camera in the next clip.

This last clip shows how you can tell she is a she. Her teats are full meaning she has cubs (or kits as they are also know) somewhere nearby. Hopefully before June we may see them. Its good to know that there are more badgers around not only Flash.

Thats all from Flash tody. Its good to have her back. My next post, scheduled for tomorrow, is about the foxes from last night. There is a new fox with a distinguishing feature similar to my favourite fox. Find out what it is in the next post.