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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Picture Perfect

 Well the video mode works on my new Bushnell as seen from yesterdays post and so I thought I would try out photo mode. I put the camera onto photo mode on 8mp to see the quality and put it on the fence overlooking the field in its usual spot.

The first visitor last night was a familiar one, Barney, the barn cat. I haven't seen here in the daylight for a while so thought she had finally gone home but no she is still about. She is looking very well and a bit fat. maybe her owner overfeeds her. I don't like her being around here in the day as we are starting to have the baby birds in the garden now.

Barney sniffing around
Next up was the fox who was filmed the night before. He only stayed around briefly and as seen by the video is a nervous little guy. I'm glad he is wary of us as some of the farmers around here are not too nice to foxes. The farmer who owns the field here is friendly to foxes and lets them feed from his apple trees too. I hope to see more of him in the coming weeks.

Shy little guy

The only problem with nocturnal creatures is they are out at night and only caught on infra-red images which show no colour. However this morning after the sun had come up one of the foxes on his way home for the day stopped by for one last snack before bed. Its nice to be able to see the orange brown colour of the coat rather than a white image.

A red, red fox

The field is home to a small flock of six sheep. This morning one of them noticed something new to look at. My camera proved only a passing interest for this guy before he moved off to find something more interesting which he could eat.

Close up on a sheep
I prefer to see the animals captured moving so from now on its mostly video mode. expect plenty more films to follow. I will try an identify the individuals coming and going like I used to when One-eye was around.