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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Spider Nest

The other night in the garden next door the foxes where very vocal. It sounded like they may have had cubs. So today I asked my neighbour if I could put the camera in the bottom of her garden by the river. I choose an area by the river by a game trail. If the foxes don't show hopefully something will, maybe even an otter. 

As I was putting my welly's away in the shed I noticed a nest of tiny yellow spiders. I got my USB microscope out and did a small recording of the nest. They spiders are a nice bright yellow colour. I like to see all sorts of nature and this was a nice new sample to record.

If you don't like spiders then don't watch as there are a lot of them in a bundle.

I will get the camera at the weekend leaving it for a few days and load anything that it sees on here.