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Monday, 14 May 2012

The Three Foxes

In my last post on Flash I said there was a new easy to distinguish fox, well here is that fox. This fox reminds me of my favourite fox, Oneeye, how you can see here (link). The reason for this is obvious when you watch the clip.

This fox has been christened Othereye. This is simple because the eye missing is different to Oneeye. I thought at first it was Oneeye. Then I saw how big this one was and the wrong eye was missing.

Othereye is already very confident. Here in the next clip he snaps at a passing fly. I like to think this one is related to Oneeye who was also very confident but I have no evidence to base this on. I would like this new guy to stick around to get to know him better.

Two other foxes also visited, this one, who I watched out the window with my nightvison scope. He is fairly confident too. I cant see any way to distinguish him or her yet but if it sticks around hopefully I will.

This next one was only present for one clip in the msit. The coat seems very dark, almost black. I have seen about black foxes being found in the UK on T.V. Maybe this one is. If it comes back hopefully we can get a better view without the mist.