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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Feeding Foxes

I showed in my last post that a fox is still around and enjoying the meals we provide but last night the number increased. 

There are now two foxes feeding here and they seem comfortable in each others presence. The one in the first film is submissive to the other fox as the next clip shows. The smaller fox crouches down to appear smaller and submissive.

After this they both feed together and show no aggression, even feeding head to head.

Both foxes are in good condition which is good news especially as the previous foxes, One-eye, Other-eye and Mange, all had visible signs of bad health or physical deformities. I wonder if these two are siblings from this year as they seem young and familiar with each other. 

They also could be a breeding pair as this is the breeding season for red fox. Lets hope they stay around and produce cubs if this is the case.