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Monday, 21 January 2013

Fight of the Foxes

First off I received some exciting news about my field guide exam (hint: I passed) check it here (link).

Anyway back to Pudding Island we go and some more fox films. This blog should at the moment be renamed fox watch (or something similar) but don't worry I have something else to come. 

Last night lying in bed I could hear the foxes barking and making a lot of nosie. It is the breeding season so I thought it may have been foxes mating. I was wrong although the behaviour was due to it being mating season. The foxes where fighting. And in front of the camera too. Check the series of events and watch each film all the way. One of them features a blink and you miss it behaviour. In the last one the foxes fly across so fast you don't believe they are foxes.

Watch this last clip until the end as something else happens

Anyway that was a bit of new exciting behaviour for here. I will keep the camera up and see if any more interesting behaviour arises. Plus as I promised something different will go up on here which I captured last night.