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Friday, 30 May 2014

Converting a Camera to Infrared Nightvison

I have had an old kodak compact digital camera siting around for a while now. It didn't work very well as it would eat batteries which meant it would last about 3 minutes at best. I had seen online that you could remove the infra-red filter from a camera and it would work as a night vision camera if used with an infra-red light source. I was skeptical about this but since the camera was useless in the cupboard my father and I decided to give it a go. The process was rather straightforward considering we just did what we though we should and didn't follow a guide. The infra-red filter was a small plastic square. This out we reassembled the camera, cleaning some of the insides as we went. We got some batteries and tried it out. Everything was different colour since it was picking up the infra-red spectrum. Also amazingly it was no longer eating batteries but the screen would flicker at times and the focus wasn't working well. 

We waited until night fell and headed outside. I have a night vision scope with a small infrared light on it. We used this as our test light source. Incredibly it worked as you can see below. Its not great, yet. We need to get a better light source to make it better. I have ordered some infrared LED bulbs to make a light for this. As you can see it works but needs some improvements. Also for some reason it wont take photos at night.