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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Barney: Sleeping Cat Timelapse

I haven't added anything for a while so thought I would add a small video. I am waiting for my HD version of my quadcopter to arrive since mine had a crash landing in some water which destroyed the camera. I hope to do some nice ariel videos once it arrives. In the meantime I am doing some timelapse shots. Some of you may remember Barney the cat who lives in the barn. He used to be very scared of us and run away when he saw us. Now he is very friendly even coming in the house. You can see previous posts with Barney here (link) . The other day he was enjoying the sun in the garden and had a lazy day. I decided to practice my timelapse photography on him. Its a surprise how much he actually moved in his sleep. Watch his eyes and ears in particular.