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Monday, 25 August 2014

Lui-Kotale Tour of Camp

Its been a while since I got back from the Congo but I still have some videos to edit and upload. I have just made a short one which is a tour of Lui-Kotale research camp, my home for the whole 9 months (except for 2 nights in the savannah and one in a tree but thats another story). I hope you like this clip showing you how basic camp was but also looking back now it looks very idyllic. I can tell you it is not always that way. This was shot in the afternoon when just myself and Leanne (my field partner) and Cisterbol the cook where in camp. You can sometimes have 8 or so researchers and 4 or 5 local workers. It can become quite loud. But more often than not it is a peaceful camp.

You can see the rest of my DRC films at this link here (Link)