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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Bouvier's Red Colobus Expedition: Your Chance to help Primates and Science.

Followers of this blog may remember that I disappeared into the Congo rainforest for 9 months. I was habituating bonobos and when my time was over I was replace by a Belgian named Lieven Devreese. When Lieven was there he was searching for golden bellied mangabey and other monkeys. Now Lieven is planning an expedition to the Republic of Congo to search for a species of red colobus, the Bouvier's red colobus monkey, not see since the 1970s. No one knows if it still exists so he is going to find out. If it does exist then protection for the species can be put into place. Now icier chance to help protect primates, the rainforest and help science. To make the expedition success donations are required. Please if you can help fund this rare and exciting expedition. I wish I could tag along but have other plans myself. So please head over to the site and donate. If you donate a certain amount you will be rewarded with different gifts such as a congolese bracelet, a media pack of the trip, a postcard with a congolese stamp or even a talk depending on how much you donate.  Thank you.
Click here for the expedition page (link)

Below is Lieven in a video explaining in more detail.

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