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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Star Wars Animals

Star-wars is coming and as a fan I am very excited. I have my tickets ready. When in the congo one of the young bonobo, Evea, reminded me of an Ewok. I thought I would photoshop her to look like an Ewok ahead of the films release. Once done I wondered what other animals I could splice into starwars. Below are some of my images of animals I have worked with cut into famous starwars characters.

Evea the Ewok (bonobo)

Degoba tortoise (Aldabra tortoise)

Jabba the hippo (hippopotamus) 

Shearwater Fett (Wedge tailed shearwater)

Telfair Skywalker (telfair skink)

White tailed Tauntaun bird (red tailed tropic bird)

Western lowland Wookie (western lowland gorilla)

Princess Leo (lioness)