Illustrations From My Book

Below are some illustrations from my latest book: A Zoologists Stumblings in Africa: How to Habituate a Bonobo. These images appear in the printed edition of the book but unfortunately would not work with the kindle edition. For those of you who have bought a kindle edition here is a little something that you missed out on. For everyone else take a look. If they pique your interest why not check the book out? The kindle edition is now reduced to £1.99/$2.99/€2.99. I hope you enjoy these illustrations relating to different chapters. My book is available now on Kindle in all Amazon stores and in paperback in UK, US and Europe with Canada and Australia coming soon. Click here to go there now.

The leopard I bumped into. From chapter: Leopards in the Night

Bee-eaters in Iyaka. From the chapter: Iyaka, a Birders Paradise
A bonobo. From the chapter: What Exactly is a Bonobo?
A driver ant. From the chapter: Insects and Such

Lui-Kotale Research camp. From the chapter: Life in Camp
Mangos Machete fishing: From the chapter: Mangos, the Man not the Fruit.

Map of DRC From the beginning of the book
The transects of East side

A red River Hog. From the chapter: Animals of the Congo
A scared bonobo: From the chapter: The Southerners

Elephant skull.From the chapter: Poachers
A Que-fon-gooFrom the chapter: Cold Blooded Wonders

Me in a tree in a storm.From the chapter: A Bad Time to be in a Tree