360 Video of Deadvlei, Namibia.

So now for something different. I have seen a few 360 immersive videos on youtube lately and wanted to make one. However I do not own a special 360 video camera so came up with an idea. Using an app called Photosynth on my iPod I take panoramic shots when I visit places. I wondered if one of these images could be made into a 360 video. Turns out it can. I won't go into huge detail but I made a video project in after effects that was 2000x1000. I added my image and a few effects such as a blazing sun, blowing sand and wind sounds. Then I exported it. Once exported I used the youtube tool for adding metadata which can be found on googles support here (link). Once the data is added a new 360 ready file is added and loaded to youtube as normal. Below is my first attempt. Take a look and move around the scene using WSAD, the onscreen arrows, dragging with the mouse or, if on a phone, just turning the actual device around. I may try more but would love one of these cameras (link) to make videos rather than stills.
(It doesn't work in some browsers, I know chrome supports it.)