Mange Lives On

A while back a mangey fox was captured on the camera (LINK HERE).  We ordered some mange treatment from the national fox welfare site a while back and administered it to the scraps we leave out for the foxes. This was over the christmas period and since then we have had no sightings. We thought he may have been killed by the new years day hunt as he had a limp and  was weak. We saw a half mangey fox a few weeks ago but wasn't sure if it was Mange (his new name). Last night we saw him alive and well. His mange appears to have mostly gone and his limp healed. We know it is him as he has the very distinct crocked tail. Lets hope he recovers. He is very nervous and only appeared for a glimpse but did get a got portion of the food. 

The badger has also returned and had a good feed. Patch was about but hiding in the corners of shots with another hedgehog.

For the first time one eye was not sighted on the camera. Hopefully she has gone to earth to give birth as in a previous post we suspected she was ready to give birth. Lets hope so.
Also the pond now has frogspawn in so tadpole updates soon.