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Monday, 18 April 2011

Old Faces

Lately we have been having the regulars each night, Oneeye,the badger (now so frequent hes called flash due to the white line above his right eye), Patch (the hedgehog) and Barney (the barn cat), but we have also had some old individuals return. Firstly there was a mange infested fox who we gave the name  Mange for some reason. Well he has returned, and is looking well. Its definitely him as he has the distinct tail. Its good he is alive.

Mange infested Mange

Second old face we saw returning and has been for the last few nights is the big fox we have named Rommel. He only made rare appearances so we didn't name him but now he is frequent he has been named.

The big fox Rommel

Oneeye also showed a bit of aggressive behaviour when Barney tried to eat her food. She charged in after Barney and made a sudden stop at the food. Maybe she is over protective as she may have cubs nearby.