Bad Satnav

Last week I went to Wales as I reported on in my last post, (Here, There and Everywhere). I also promised to let you know about the road the satnav decided we should take. For some of the way we had nice roads and views of lakes, valleys and mountains.

A reservoir in the hills
After a while the satnav said "turn left" which was a steep muddy road but still tarmac so we took it. 

Mystic forest in clouds

The road went through a forest and the clouds came down. This gave a mystical feel to the trees. After a while we realised this was a loggers road. The road turned to mud and grass. At one point the car grounded. At another the grass caught fire beneath the car. We went through "puddles" that caused water to go above the bonnet. All this is fine for a 4x4 but we did it in a small Vauxhall corsa. We eventually made it to the other side and concrete and tarmac roads to carry on to the Kite feeding centre.  

Now any sensible people would choose a new way to go back home at the end of the day. Guess which route we took? Yep the loggers road. From this side we noticed a sign saying no unauthorised access. We went anyway. After a while the sun started to fade and the satnav gave up. We had to find our way out the old fashoned way. A map and a good sense of direction. The map was no use as it was not an official road so di not appear on it. We just had to go by what we could see in terms of hills trees and the location of the suns last light.  We eventually made it back to the start and choose the main road home.

Keep scrolling down for a short video of the road. 

The road and no trees

Here is the video, enjoy.