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Three Foxes (A Camera Trap Post)

So here is a post based on what the blog is named after, a camera trap in Cornwall. I had a lot of chicken pieces left over from dinner and...

Sunday, 30 January 2011

One Eye Returns and the Badgers Back

The badger returned again last night with even better views. Heres just one of them as there are too many to choose from. Also back is the fox with one eye who we have named One Eye. We hadn't seen him for a while but he returned yesterday.
The badger eating peanuts
One Eyes return,

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Badger (not Ratel)

A new species and a good one at that. Last night the camera watching the food for the foxes got something unexpected, a badger! The videos are very good with the badger posing. As they are territorial we should see him again. They may be coming out from winter now its getting into the year.

Friday, 21 January 2011


No updates for a while on the camera side, had lots of foxes but nothing to stand out and upload. Anyway over the christmas holidays I took up watercolour painting and here are a my first attempts at painting. The ones with a white background and vertical (the first 4 images) are in my notebook which I will fill with painting of british wildlife through out the year. The rest of my images have an African theme as this is my favourite place so thats what I will paint.

Teal with real feathers

Compilation of african wildlife

Table Mountain!

Acacia at sunset