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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Mange Update

The mange fox is still around and looking bad. I have found out about a free treatment from the National Fox Welfare website which i have order a treatment. Hopefully the fox will get better.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Hogging the Food

Put some food out and got the foxes and cats again but wont show the videos here again. Did get some new species though. Check below for them.

A hedgehog
A mouse

A few magpies also enjoyed the food.

The sheep in the field also took interest but didn't like what was on offer.

Its mid winter in a cold snap now and this hedgehog is not hibernating. Maybe he smelt the food and came out for a energy boost halfway through hibernation?

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Poor Foxes

After putting some food out for the foxes we got some good footage. Unfortunately the foxes are not healthy. We captured 2 individuals on film both with health problems. One as stated before has got mange. He also has a crocked tail. We saw him in the daytime and he also appears to have a limp. He is quite a small fox and looks young.
The other fox is older more healthy looking but has an eye missing or is blind in one eye. On the videos you can see only one eye reflecting which is why this is suggested. Good news is we saw one in the day that looked very healthy bright orange and no physical damage (maybe to an eye?).

The one eyed fox.
The mange fox with a limp and crocked tail.

The difference between the two can be clearly seen: the second fox has two reflective eyes, a limp, a crocked tail and is smaller. He doesn't have much luck.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Looks Like Luttra luttra. It is!

After leaving the camera by the river for a few days I got some new species! A mustelid and a rodent! The otters are definitely in the river. Next goal is to get a clear image of the otter.

An otter (luttra luttra) bit blurred.

A robin very christmassy

A brown rat
The camera is in the garden with leftovers from dinner. Hopefully the mange fox will return so the extent of the mange can be seen.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Solved the Tail

In a previous post titled bottom of the garden an unknown tail was captured. Today just before dark I saw a fox with a tail exactly like this one. The fox appears to have mange. I will try to capture a photo of him again soon. 
The unknown tail was a fox!

Down by the River

After no posts for a while due to moving house the camera is now back up and running. The local land owner has given me permission to place the camera on his land. Its by a river known for otters so hopefully something soon. In the meantime here is what it has captured at the river so far.

a little mouse (bottom left)

Half a bird (fieldfare i think)

Not much but its a start at the new location, more at the weekend hopefully. Also christmas holidays from Uni start this weekend so i should have time for more trapping.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Bottom of the garden

Only a few images this time but all from the bottom of the garden

Firstly a fox

then some sort of insect

and finally a tail of something maybe a fox?

The camera is now facing a bird feeder i have just set up so hopefully bird photos soon!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

More Videos Many Deer.

After moving the angle of the camera to face a different part of the trail but still on the same tree a lot more deer videos have been captured along with the squirrels. Not much else accept the 1 fox this time. 
There was a surprise for this time of year in the young of one animal.Due to heavy rain the camera has been brought indoors to be deployed at a new location possibly friday.
nice shot of a deer

a little fawn odd for autumn/winter

A fox in the rain

A deer have a good scrat

Thats all for now.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Video Mode

The camera was last in video mode and here are some results. 

This first one shows a grey squirrel coming in and posing nicely for the camera.

The deer seems to have been spooked by the cameras infrared lights.
Same with this fox

Also had a quick visit from a dog.
The camera is back in action and still in video mode on a cross section of 3 trails by a river.

Friday, 29 October 2010

2 more species

The recent activity showed two new species from a new location. They are the roe deer and wood pigeon. We got the usual grey squirrel aswell.

Roe deer near camera

 Bum shot of a roe
Two roe and some plant

A wood pigeon

another row

The squirrel

bum shot of a squirrel 

an angry roe

The locks for the camera are being painted to blend in more so the trap is not currently on location. It will be soon though

Sunday, 24 October 2010

A Good Haul

As I said the camera was in a new place. We have had some bad weather here, lightning heavy rain hail and ice. Was worried about the camera so collected it today with some great results. We hid the camera a lot better this time as show below although this didn't fool one animal. We also got a new species and some daytime colour images.

 The hidden camera.
A new animal on the traps this time, a grey squirrel. 

The squirrel again in colour.

We got another fox who showed some interest in the camera.

He came close to it.

We also got a daytime shot of the fox showing his beautiful orange red coat.

A nice shot of the fox looking back.

This bottle gave the fox something to investigate.

The squirrel running across shot.

The bottle providing more interest

Under the bottle was a wasp nest and i think this fox found that out.
The wasps nest

We also got these deer passing .

As we were leaving we had a quick look for the deer at dusk. We saw a herd of 5 and followed them. We lost them but we did hear lots of deer calling. Maybe a rut?

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Mr Fox

Got some nice photos on the camera tarp but first heres what we seen on the way to collect the camera. We saw these 3 red deer in a field by the road. They didn't run to start with so I was able to get these images before they eventually did run.
The herd of 3.

The fawn eating.

The adult eating.

Starting to flee.

Off into the forest.

The camera trap did not capture any deer even though the trail was covered in prints. Instead it caught something a bit different. A red fox.
The first image taken just at dawn.

The fox reappeared the next nigh for a much clearer image.

The camera is now being place in a new location to se what else is around. Updates soon.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

No Deer.

No luck with the trap since the last outing. I've altered the position and left it with new batteries until Thursday. lets hope theres something then. Instead i took some pictures in the early morning light. No signs of deer in the forest today but it was very cold. Lots of frost and the car was froze over. 
The outside of the forest.

Sunrise over the woods

Some fungi in the forest

A grey squirrel

Sunrise over the fields

The current setup. Triple locked for security.

Spider web in the forest.

We did see a few grey squirrel and a red fox but missed the photo of the fox. See where it was though and will move the camera to that location next week to try for a fox shot.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

First Try Is a Success.

My first image captured in a woods near Holsworthy. It appears to be a female red deer.
This image was captured shortly after (minutes) and appears to be a male red deer although I cant see any antlers the neck appears thicker than the last deer.

While collecting the camera a herd of 5 fallow deer ran infont of us. It had a male and a smallish youngster.

The camera is currently scanning a known deer trail so stay tuned.